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        People are motivated by more than just money it’s human nature to seek recognition. Salary

and commissions meet basic physiological needs; but the need for affiliation and self-esteem

opens up a very powerful opportunities to motivate above and beyond achievement. Every winter

it’s the Super Bowl Ring people talk about, every summer it’s the World Series Ring, not the big

cash bonus that the Champions earn. Champions and would be champions including yours do it

for more than just the money.


If you have earned a Sales Award Ring or had a Diamond added to the previous years Sales

Award Ring in your sales career, I don’t need to tell you how a tool like this motivates a sales

Team; if you have earned President’s Club, Winners' Circle, Chairman’s Club or Summit Club you

already know the power of custom sales excellence awards.


Sales Award Clubs meet the long term psychological and emotional needs of people to be part

of something exclusive that they have earned. It positions an exclusive award that can only be

earned and the bragging rights once it is earned. The overall positive effect on your sales culture

and your sales teams overall performance will only build as it becomes a part of your sales         culture.


These are short team contests between the participant and his or her past achievement or their

individual sales goal. Incentive programs can lift everyone's incremental sales, not just those of

your the top achievers. Incentives work by modifying short term behavior over a fixed period of

time and stimulate the participants short term psychological and emotional needs. In a sales

incentive program, when your people increase their sales, they earn the reward, the costs for

the program are paid for by their incremental sales increases.

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